Sunday, 29 January 2012

More Painting

Just another quick update with the latest models I have painted for my Circle Orboros army.

My terrible habbit of painting more casters than infantry continued in early January and I was able to very quickly paint up Baldur the Stonecleaver. He is not my best work but was enjoyable to and quick to paint.

After a giving myself a stern talking to regarding my lack of painted infantry I decided to paint up the unit of druids. I feel that the good use of these guys may be very important to playing circle orboros and it is about time I tried to work them into some lists. They are a bit more complicated to use with each model having a choice of defensive, offensive and healing abilities to use each turn.

I was pleased with the way they came out - I am enjoying painting the green robes on models at the moment and wanted to continue to work on improving my 'faces and bases'.