Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bolton Portcullis Tournament

I had a good time yesterday at the monthly Bolton Portcullis Tournament. After reading on Dave blog of the last trip across from the Hull guys I was keen to attend and as Hull City's match had been postponed I was able to go without missing out on using my season ticket.

I had 4 good games with local lads who played; eCaine, eLylth, eSkarre and pHexeris. I took a pKaya list and a pKrueger list and managed to get one win to three losses.

I was also very pleased and honoured to be voted the 'best painted' and win some store credit. This is the first painting award I have won and I am encouraged that my painting is getting better and it gives me new enthusiasm to try and improve further and get some more serious painting time in.

I have taken a quick snap of the list that won the best painted award below (even though you have probably seen most of the models already in the previous blog posts).

PS I should point out the whitemane (far left) wasn't painted by me (thanks Jim!) but the rest of the models are entirely my own work.

Stonekeeper UA and Shifting Stones

I am pleased to be able to bring you some pictures of my unit of shifting stones which I completed last week. I have been using the stones for a couple of months but have finally added the Stone Keeper UA to the unit. My common/garden shifting stones are notorious at the club for being an example of my tightfistedness not to buys some model stones and have confused my none gamer friends - "Why would you paint stones to look more like stones when they are already stones?".

Hopefully the UA along with his own garden stone are enough to persuade doubters that I will splash out occasionally!