Sunday, 4 November 2012

Stormwall pictures

Hi all,

A few snapshots of the Stormwall I painted up for the breast cancer brawl. Im fairly pleased with him although on a model of this size there is quite a bit of tidying up that can be done when  I get time.

He's been an excellent addition to my Cygnar force and has had a few scraps with Khador's Conquest - the next of which will be on thursday night at Hulls Angels when he goes up against Nicks newly painted conquest. Red VS Blue.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Leeds BCB - 2nd Place

I attended the Breast Cancer Brawl in Leeds on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

For those of you who are unaware the format for the tournament was a little unusual - it requires two 35 point lists. Standard enough so far but that is pretty much where it stops. All games are played with a shrinking kill-box (which shrinks by 4 inches each tun until it is only 16 inches square). Also in order to raise money for charity competitors can buy tokens before each round which can be spent in order to gain re-rolls of the dice or used in multiples to buy abilities or buffs from a predefined list. The event is approached as a day of fun and it is impossible to take things very seriously when there is so much silliness going on (which is a good thing).

Cheating Tokens - these had been 3D printed and looked amazing!

So given this competition was going to be for fun I decided I wanted to take something different to the tournament. All my tournament play has been with Circle and my  mercenaries are not ready for a trip out yet as I want to play them fully painted and take my time over them. I thought that this may be the perfect excuse to paint up a lot of the Cygnar models I had lying around from when I started the game and also an excuse to maybe add a new one that has caught my eye over recent months.

I will do a blog separately to show him off but I bought a Stormwall as I fancied working on a 'top secret project'. I also speed painted pStryker, eCaine, 4 Boomhowlers, 2 Stormsmiths and a unit of 10 long gunners. These are not to a very high standard but look a lot better on the shelf than the pile of bare metal that was there before did!

My lists where as follows:

Boomhowlers x 10
Black 13th

Journeyman Warcaster

Long gunners x 10
Black 13th
Journeyman Warcaster

So, fully prepared (apart from forgetting to pack my Charger light jack) me and Dave set off to Leeds on sunday morning. This is the second trip we have made across to the leeds club for tournaments and I am full of respect for what Leeds Warmachine have achieved. They have a great player base full of enthusiasm for the game and the organisers put on regular tournaments with excellent prizes and generally put in loads of effort. I can't help but feel a little bit shamed with the lack of effort on my part with Hull Warmachine. I really need to get another tournament day in Hull lined up.

Great bunch of competitors - check out those pink headbands :-)
Anyway, strap yourself sin - its Battle Report Time!

Game 1 - James Boosey. Khador. Vlad

Stormwall VS Conquest - uh oh!

I started the tournament in my usual dithering fashion and made a lot of mistakes in this game. I should try and get a friendly game in on a tournament morning or something as I generally am not at the races in my first game. I took my eCaine list but forgot to deploy my Stormcallers which play a large part in the list. I have no complaints in losing to Boosey who played a good game and was great to talk to and I hope to get another game with him at somepointt. His combination of the Khador battle engine and conquest in a 35 point list was highly entertaining. My Stormwall was getting out shot by them heavily as he was protecting both of them with his 'windwall'  spell which meant I was unable to shoot them unless I had magical weapons (which storm wall doesn't have). On the way home later in the day I mentioned this to Dave as a nice tactic and he told me that it was a mistake on Booseys part as the spells requirement is that models are completely within 3 inches of the war caster rather than just within. This means that the models where unable to benefit from the spell as their bases are simply too big to fit completely within the area. This was a shame as my initial plan had been to try and shoot down the battle engine which may have worked. Regardless of this Boosey was playing a great game and attritioning my army really well - in the end I decided to go for a long odds magic bullet assassination that unsurprisingly failed and left Caine exposed to be mashed into pulp.
Result: Loss

I wanna shoot that one!

Game 2 - Dave Wilkinson. Cygnar. pStryker

Stormwall VS Stormwall - oh yeah!

Unfortunately this game ended quite abruptly - after the opening exchanges of Black 13th shooting at Black 13th and Black 13th returning fire and no one hitting anyone I saw an opportunity to shoot at pStryker with eCaine. I was a bit worried his defence would save him but in the end I was able to kill with a few focus left. Dave mentioned he hadn't remembered what eCaine did - confusing him with pCaine - so it felt a bit harsh afterwards. He had a lovely looking army and the basing on his storm wall was simply awesome.
Result: Win

Game 3 - Dan Barnett. Retribution. Ravyn

I chose to use eCaine again, wanting to get more practice with Stormwall. I went first and was able to control the table with my covering fire and mage storm attacks - these kept the whole retribution army held at the edge of the kill box and forced Dan to attempt an assassination on eCaine. When it failed Dan was in a very weak position so the win from then was inevitable.
Result: Win

Game 4 - Toby Jennings. Trollbloods. Madrak

This game was incredibly close and was a real grind. In the end Toby was left with no models and I was left with only a handful of boom howlers, Caine and a storm caller. The key exchanges of the game saw my stormwall leave Mulg on one wound, Doh!  This allowed Mulg to put some heavy damage on my stormwall. The stormwall hit back on his next turn to finish off Mulg and eCaine used his feat to kill the only other beast on the board - the dire troll mauler. Madrak threw his axe to finish off the storm wall (quite dramatic!) but the boom howlers and eCaine whittled down the remaining models and I was eventually able to kill Madrak after wiping out his full army. (save one whelp I think).

I pointed out that I probably won as I had more trolls than him - I had a full 10 in boom-howlers where as he only had 8 as he was using Nyss as his second unit. The boomhowlers where my men/trolls of the match by a long way.
Result: Win

End Results
With 3 wins I knew I could realistically be finishing somewhere between 2nd and 4th but in the past I have found that I don't tend to score to high on tie breaks as I often go for assassination. However my last wins today had come with a good deal of attrition and I was delighted to come second and snag myself a boxed set of precursor knights.

This is my best tournament finish so I was delighted. I was also really pleased to see Dave scoop first prize with his tasty eSorcha Conquest list. a 1-2 finish for Hull - get in!

All Photos courtesy of Leeds Warmachine or Privateer Press - if you want me to take them down guys just let me know!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Turning the tables

I received an excellent gift from my other half this weekend in the form of a 'solar powered rotary display table'. For about £7 I was very impressed with this little fellow and he will be living in my display case; rotating miniatures to its hearts content.

I also wondered about the possibility of using it to show case miniatures on my blog and decided to give it a try... after that things got a bit silly but I thought some of you may find this amusing.

See below for a picture of the turntable in action.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Win a specially commissioned base...

Hi all,

I thought you guys may be interested in winning a custom commissioned WMH base from Lofty Bloke (see blog link below). He is running a competition which runs out this weekend and he is pretty handy with base making (understatement) - why not enter and see if you can challenge him to make something cool if you win?

Im not sure whether or not you'll get away with demanding a colossal base if you win but it may be worth a try ;-)

Friday, 31 August 2012

Whether to weather or not.

I've been messing around with my first Mercenary jack for a little while now - I've tried out several different weathering techniques as I wanted my mercenary jacks to be very different from my fresh and clean Cygnar jacks - I wanted these things to have a strong scrapyard chic and to look like they have taken some damage and also seen some years of use or misuse.

Below is what I have achieved - I am happy with the techniques although Im still unsure on my feelings towards to model as a whole. The usual parts of my painting I am proud of are nice clean blends whereas this model is definitely a lot rougher. I don't dislike the effect yet but I may try it out on another jack before I commit to the look or try to change it.

Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Scurvy Seadog Squad

I feel like I am starting to make some real progress towards my pirate army as I have finished the main unit of sea dogs. I am pleased with the overall look of them and think that despite using a variety of colours on a ragtag set of models the combination of the unifying colours and the basing ties them all together nicely.

Sorry that there isn't much to read but hopefully there is plenty to look at.

Next up I will be painting some solos intermingled with the unit of Press Gangers.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


I wanted to update my blog with some pictures of the pirates I have been painting over the last couple of months. I want to get a 35 point army fully painted for December which doesn't sound too bad but there are a lot of pirates that need to be painted to get there and I want to do them one at a time to try and do each one well. The photography of these isn't great and the colour looks very washed out but everyone loves pirates so hopefully you wont mind.

Land Ho!

Glam Rock Pirate

Avast ye Swabs!

Anyone else reminded of Barbados Slim from Futurama? 

Work in Progress but nearly done.


When I had my Circle Orboros army stolen a couple of months agoI was overwhelmed by the response of my friends, my club mates and the privateer press community (both nationally and internationally).

I wanted to thank everyone for their kindness. From club mates clubbing together to get me a set of club dice, people lending me models for tournaments, people making me tokens and lending me templates and many kind words - I have had a really positive endorsement of the people involved in this hobby.

On top of this I recently received an incredibly generous gift from a party who wishes to remain anonymous but suffice to say this gift took me completely by surprise and I am very grateful.

In addition to this I also was contacted by a gentleman from America, who had read my blog and decided he wanted to paint up a replacement eBaldur model for me in the 'Baldur the White' style I had blogged about previously. The model arrived today and it is great! I have attached a pic below and I will be looking forward to basing the model and getting it on the tabletop.

Unfortunately any emails I send to the chap are bouncing back and his blog now seems to be offline so I have been unable to thank him. (Id like to paint up a model in return). If he is reading this could he drop me an email so I can get back in touch?

Many thanks to all of you.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Warmachine ETC Review

NOTE: I forgot to take any pictures during the event so have scoured the internets to bring you semi-relevant imagery... sort of. Also it took me ages to get around to writing this and I know its not very well written - but its the best your getting.

The dust has now well and truly settled after the Warmachine ETC 2012. I have heard from numerous sources that no Warmachine tournament has ever contained as many players with well over 200 involved in this one.

We found out ahead of time that our first round was going to be against a team coming across from Denmark. This was very exciting as I have not played any international Warmachine games before and we had hoped we would get the opportunity at some point over the weekend. The lads from Denmark were great and as well as some great games on the friday night we enjoyed catching up with them at several points over the weekend.

After buying a round of drinks (the Danes were drinking a mix of Old Empire and Vimto - but thankfully not in the same glass - or the same Dane, if you take my meaning) we got down to doing the pairing. If you do not know how this works I suggest reading the rule pack as whilst I now have the hang of it, explaining it is a different matter.

pKruegers time to shine (or at least spark).

Round 1

I ended up playing an Cygnar eHaley player with a Stormwall! (Stephan Garhakk, "Team Eyes Wide Shut") This was going to be my first chance to test myself against a Collosal and it was something I had been anticipating since the changes to the event were announced that would allow people to put these into their lists. Whilst I did not know whether or not my list would be able to deal with a Stormwall I knew I had some beasts that could deal out a large amount of damage so I had a chance.

Hello Big Boy

I felt that the game opened with my opponent taking the advantage. He was able to hit me first from range and then get the best of the opening melee exchanges by using eHaleys feat to lock me in place. However I had given myself 2 aims - to weather eHaleys feat turn first and to take out the Stormwall second. I knew if I was still in the game and achieved these two things then I would have a good chance.

His Stormwall charged my Feral Warpwolf on eHaleys feat turn and due to some odd choices in when to and when not to boost from my opponent (he was needing 8s to hit) the feral was left alive. Luckily for my opponent he did not have reach so I couldn't retaliate that turn whilst locked under Haleys feat.

The next turn the Stormwall finished the job and put the Feral wolf down. But I was then able to open up a lane for a horizontal charge across my lines from two of my Tharn Bloodweavers to dispel arcane shield from the Stormwall. I then put primal on Ghetorix, warped for strength and then teleported him into the Stormwall. I had hoped this would be enough take him down but I managed to find a double 1 in one of my attack roles and I eventually left the Stormwall on about 4 boxes. Not bad but I was a little worried at this stage that I had missed my chance.

Ghetorix went down on the next turn but I was able to take the Stormwall down with the Gorax. From here both of our lists where very depleted and it turned into quite a tactical battle over control points. Despite being the second to score I managed to get my Gatormen, Gorax and Stones into the control zones and eventually I secured the win by 3 control points to 2, after my opponent failed to clear enough models from the zone to get the win.

Unfortunately my team mates had not faired quite so well in this round and we slipped to a loss. I was not too disheartened by this as I knew it meant we would get a more favorable draw tomorrow and also bought me a little bit of time - My main goal was to not hold the team back and starting with a win (and against a Stormwall) was fantastic.

Result: Win (1-0)
Team Result: Loss (0-1)

That was a bit much - I will keep the following reports briefer.

Denmark (Legoland) Triumphant - I won my battle but we lost the war... 

Round 2 

After some drinks on the friday night, a brief sleep at the illusive travelodge, pan au chocolat and a briefing from Tim King and the maelstrom team. We were back into the thick of it.

I got a  Mercenary player with a pMagnus tier list. (Tyler Evans from Team Epic Slayer) There was plenty of steelhead infantry and cavalry in the list and Kruegers lightening made quick work of these.

I thought Ghettorix and the Feral Warpwolf would make easy work of the two Manglers on the other side of the board. However Ghettorix was quickly gunned down by 12 long gunners combining their shots and when the Ferals chance to shine came... my dice let him down and then two manglers tore him to shreds on the following turn. I was left with very little to deal with the opposing jacks and from here the game descended into an incredibly hard fought battle. I nearly managed to steal a control point from under his nose which may have nicked the game but in the end pKrueger was brought down.

Result: Loss (1-1)
Team Result: Loss (0-2)

Round 3

Next up we played another team with strange foreign accents - from Sunderland.  Our illustrious captain Paul was feeling pretty alarmed that we had not picked up a team win yet and so chose to use our team feat to give us slightly more control over the match up.

I was paired against a player (sorry can't find my notes for this one, anyone remember this guys name?) playing eDenny (cryx) - I had no doubt my army full of infantry clearing was alarming to my opponent but I was certainly afraid of his list too with fully Satyxis Raiders, Blackbane Pirates, Bane Knights and Bane Thralls I was facing a huge swarm of infantry and was worried as to whether or not I could deal with them all.

I whittled away as much as I could but it was clear the bulk of  his force was going to sweep over me on the turn following his feat. eDennys feat means I cannot advance to do anything other than change facing so this almost guarentueed him a charge against me on the following turn.

I spotted a potential assassination run by using my shifting stones to move a beast onto his caster as this is a place effect and not an advance it bypasses Dennys feat. I had to do some engineering to clear out the space with chain lightenings but putting a primaled warpwolf on the caster was enough to score me win number 2.

Result: Win (2-1)
Team Result: Win (1-2)

Round 4

In the last game of the saturday we were matched against a team of people we know quite well from the York club (Paul also being from York and the rest of us attending their club from time to time).
I was drawn against Adam Wilkie, whose I had played in the mangled metal tournament in York earlier in the year. Adam was using his Circle army today and had an interesting out of tier eKaya list.

I think I must have been pretty tired at this point as I played the game very poorly and as Adam is a very good player he took advantage and slowly whittled down my army.

Feeling like I was well and truly beaten I decided to stop the game dragging out and try a very silly assassination attempt which I did not really expect to work but I felt if I could give him a bit of a fright then the game would have seemed a little close and I would be leaving Krueger open for Adam to put me out of my misery.

I had very few pieces left but teleported up two of my shifting stones and placed them 4 inchs apart with the furthest across the board being 4 inchs from one of Adam's own stealthed shifting stone which was placed next to his caster.

I then advanced pkrueger 6 inches forward to put him within 10 inchs of my own shifting stone and cast a chain lightening into it. I needed to roll a 4 for it to bounce all the way to his caster and I also needed my positioning of my stones to be perfect both in terms of distances between stones and stones between other models. Luckily I had eyeballed the distances right and as it was so tight we decided it was best to call over a judge to make an independant call on which models where closer to which so we could determine how the lightening would flow.

I rolled a 5 and the lightening washed down the chain and I boosted the damage on eKaya who was sat on no transfers. I put about 8 damage points onto her. I felt very pleased as this was slightly above average but I still did not expect to get the kill as I needed to roll another 4+ to send the lightening down the chain and then on top of that I still needed to roll very high on the dice to take away her remaining wounds.

I rolled a 6 on the chain lightening and got another chance to roll damage against Kaya. I lucked out and cranked the damage roll doing just enough damage to kill her off. Unbelievable.

I think the chances of that assasination working were probabaly under 5% and whilst I was really pleased to finish the day on a win, I did feel dreadful that the better player had not won and that the win came down to lucky dice probably more than tactical play.

Lucky Dice Indeed!

Adam was very courteous and pointed out that games go like that sometimes - I am not so sure I would have been so composed had our situations been reversed and I have no hesitation in saying he deserved to win that game.

Result: Win (3-1)
Team Result: Win (2-2)

Round 5

I played a nice chap from London's Charring Cross gaming club with his pHaley Cygnar army. This was a cracking game and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to and playing this one as we played a competitive game in the right spirit and we both narrowly missed out on winning before the final blow was struck.

Flush from my chain lightening success in the previous game on saturday night I saw an opportunity to kill a couple of models who were near Old Rowdy to make Haley the closest model to him.   I then put the lightening tendrelled Feral into old rowdy and had 6 or 7 lightening bounces into Haley.  I then put some chain lightening and other lightening bounces (via the feral, old rowdy and then Haley to get around her anti spell ability) into her causing some damage. After all of this Haley was left on one or two wounds. I looked around desperately for a way to finish her off but having no further ranged attacks I needed to protect Krueger as best as I could. He was left with 1 transfer I think so I advanced my gatormen in front of him. I was trying to create a wall of gators but due to being unable to run I couldn't quite hide him off and there was a 2-3mm gap to allow him to shoot me.

I expected that this was probabaly game over but when I had gone for the assassination myself I had taken a number of precautions against it failing. I had used my feat defensively to position it so that his gunmages would be hampered as would his boom howlers. In the end I think this safed me as the number of models that he was able to bring to bear on my caster was limited. With my high defence and a transfer I JUST managed to survive against my expectations.

From there it was an easy finish for a war beast to go over and finish off Haley. It was a really good game and I would love to play my opponent again as it was one of the most enjoyable games of the weekend.

Result: Win (4-1)
Team Result: Win (3-2)

Round 6

Sitting at 4-1 with a single game to go it was mentioned to me I may have been in with a shout for Best Circle General if I managed to win the last game. Talk about kiss of death!

We were drawn against the Belgiums and I was playing the runner up of the Hardcore event from the friday, He was using Khador with pIrusk. I was pretty tired and could see I was against a strong opponent so I went for an ill judged assassination run. I did not really know what Black Ivan did and it turns out Superiority cast on him he has the defence of a warp wolf and even worse - when you miss him he advances towards you. Suffice to say his messed up my assassination run. I did my best to protect Krueger but my opponent made easy work of killing me on the next turn.

So all in all I finished with 4 wins and 2 losses which I knew would not be enough for top Circle but I didn't mind as I would never have contemplated even being in the running before the event and I felt I had given a really good account of myself.

Well played Belgium, Well played.

Individual Result: Loss (4-2)
Team Result: Loss (3-3)

Final Individual Result: 4-2
Final Team Result:  3-3

It was a great weekend and a great chance to hang out with some mates, drink some brews (Doc Killingsworth's Grog mainly) and have a good laugh. I'll definitely be going again next year.

Congratulation to our sister team, Andy, Andy, Nick and Pickles took 3rd and were the top placed finishing Brittish team. Go TEAM GBR! 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

European Team Challenge ETC 2012 Preview

Hey all,

Just a quick update ahead of my trip to the Warmachine/Hordes European Team Championship (ETC) at Maelstrom Games, Mansfield this weekend.

I am going as part of team 'Let The Wookiee Win' - featuring an all star line up of Hull Warmachine's Dave Forster (, Ex-Hull Warmachiner Kenny and York Warmachine's Paul North (

Its shaping up to be a great weekend and I can't wait to see how the venue looks with 240 people playing Warmachine and I am hoping that the focus on a team based event will really add to the tournament experience in a similar way to the doubles event I attended with Nick in January.

I am taking a 50point Krueger1 list which I have outlined below, this list is what I have managed to scrabble together after my burglary and contains some bits and pieces I have been able to beg, steal and borrow.

Krueger the Stormwrath  +5 points
* Feral Warpwolf  9 points
* Ghetorix  11 points
* Gorax  4 points
* Woldwarden  9 points

Feralgeist  1 point
2x Gallows Grove  1 point each
5 Gatorman Posse  9 points
Shifting Stones  2 points
Shifting Stones  2 points
* Stone Keeper  1 point
Tharn Bloodweavers  5 points

I will quickly go over the key pieces so that my next post can concentrate on how the games went after the weekend.

Krueger is probably one of the most feared 'anti infantry' casters in the game (up there with pCaine and pFeora) between his feat, chain lightening and lightening tendrils he is going to give me real help against high defence low armour infantry. I added a wold warden to double up on chain lightening or help cycle lightening tendrils. This allows me to focus the rest of the list around pieces to crack armour.

Ghettorix, a Feral Warpwolf and a Gorax should allow me to crack open even the toughest warjacks (hopefully Collosals too although I haven't tried this out yet). The feral has a nice synergy with  pKrueger as lightening tendrils gives him access to reach which is one of the keys reasons that the warp wolf stalker is usually chosen over him. Whilst he animus is nowhere near as good as sprint he is a point cheaper and has an extra base attack which means he potentially can be making 7 attacks with 7 lightening leaps.

My main unit is a max squad of Gatormen - these guys provide a solid centre to my army to keep Krueger safe and they also hit hard. I was worried about lists with heavily armoured infantry who would be immune to lightening threat of Krueger. The power 13 from the Gatormen help deal with these and with lightening tendrils both of their attacks gain reach. MAT 7 is nice, as are their various abilities giving them extra charge distance against living models, access to pathfinder, terror, +1DEF, rerolls against living models.

My second unit is a squad of Bloodweavers - they have been included as a tool box piece to cover a number of options - extra damage dice against living models is nice against war beasts, access to dispel is nearly always useful and extra infantry clearing with bloodburst which combined with Krueger should give my list a slight specialism in dealing with infantry which will be handy for the team. Lightening tendrils also can work nicely with these guys to create a decent threat range and help them make use of gang whilst engaging multiple targets.

As for my support - double shifting stones is too good to miss out on - they give access to all sort of movement shenanigans, fury management, charge lane blocking, beast healing and also act as a target to bounce chain lightening off when I need to make sure I hit (against stealth, high defence or models just that little bit out of range). I also included two gallows groves to allow Krueger to cast his spells on either flank and to give a small amount of help against anyone using 'tough' models. A Feralgeist completed the support pieces - This little guys has managed to stay in my list against the odds - whilst his ability to posses living warbeasts as they die is handy it is mainly his 'incorporeal' ability that has made him useful in the list - he can sit on objectives or in control points and if the opponent does not have much access to magical weapons he can be a real pain to shift - this has helped me win games in practice so the little guy is in.

So with theory machine and practice games out of the way I am happy my list is a strong one - now it is all down to whether or not I can do it justice at the weekend.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you there!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Pirate's Life For Me

A huge thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of sympathy and offered their support and assistance since my last post. I intend my next post to go into this in some detail and reveal the kindness of the Warmachine community as it has been truly inspiring.

Before then however I thought that maybe you'd be interested in seeing the test miniature for my new faction. This miniature was sculpted by Jim Bowen and I picked it up at a trade show last year - it might give you a clue into my next faction...

However I am going to continue with my Circle Orboros army (what is left of it) and I hope to people able to get it back to a level where I can use it for regular gaming again.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Circle Army Stolen

Hi all,

This is an appeal for readers of this blog (and mainly friends from the club) to keep their eyes open for my Circle Orboros army which I had stolen from my house in Hull, East Yorkshire during a burglary on monday night (7th May 2012). It was taken along with a laptop, wallets and my car.

It is most likely that the burglars will throw the models away as it is likely they didn't know what was in the case but if they should surface in any of the second hand model shops or a fellow druid sees these available to buy second hand - Id be so grateful if you could contact me. Id love the chance to recover or buy this army back as I have sunk 100s of hours into painting it and it has been my passion for the last year since I got into WM/H.

The details of what are stolen are below along with some pictures of some of the models.

Brand new KR Multicase KR Transport Bag (Black)
-  Containing 2 Cardboard KR Multicases with Blue Foam Trays

KR Multicase Accessory Case (Black)
- Containing
Circle Orboros Faction Dice, Measuring Sticks, Printed out tokens etc.
Custom made 'Hull Warmachine' Dice

Circle Orboros Deck
Hordes Rulebook Softback

Kromac the Ravenous - both forms
Kaya the Wildborne
Krueger the Stormlord
Baldur the Stonesoul
Baldur the Stonecleaver
Morvahna the Autumnblade

Gnarlhorne Satyr
Warpwolf Stalker
Warpwold Stalker
Wold Guardian
Classic Pureblood Warpwolf
Woldwyrd (converted to be swimming)

Druids x 6
Tharn Ravagers x 4
Tharn Ravagers x 4
Tharn Ravager Cheiftain
Tharn Ravager White Mane
10 x Tharn Blood Trackers
Nuala the Huntress
6 Stoneward & Wold Stalkers
6 Stoneward & Wold Stalkers
4 Sentry Stone & Mannikins
Lord of the Feast
War Wolf
Black Clad Wayfarer
Druid Overseer