Sunday, 5 August 2012


I wanted to update my blog with some pictures of the pirates I have been painting over the last couple of months. I want to get a 35 point army fully painted for December which doesn't sound too bad but there are a lot of pirates that need to be painted to get there and I want to do them one at a time to try and do each one well. The photography of these isn't great and the colour looks very washed out but everyone loves pirates so hopefully you wont mind.

Land Ho!

Glam Rock Pirate

Avast ye Swabs!

Anyone else reminded of Barbados Slim from Futurama? 

Work in Progress but nearly done.


  1. Nope I dont mind at all.

    They are looking real nice Luke, looking forward to seeing the rest of the army when its finished

  2. very nice bud.

    Is this the cannon you sunk my battleship with?

    Thats right Mr, inter blog conversation!

  3. Yarrr they're certainly taking shape now mate, having seen them in the flesh too I like very much :-)

  4. Looking good, interesting wood grain you've gone for there too

  5. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Re: wood grain - yeah I wanted them to look a bit different - Im useless at painting brown and I thought it would look dull across a whole army so I decided that my pirates would be responsible and paint their decks.

    Im umming and ahhhing about whether or not to keep the same bases for my unit of press gangers or whether to go for more dockside themed bases as they'd be on sure shanghai-ing lubbers. I'll probably just go for consistency in the end.