Sunday, 5 August 2012


When I had my Circle Orboros army stolen a couple of months agoI was overwhelmed by the response of my friends, my club mates and the privateer press community (both nationally and internationally).

I wanted to thank everyone for their kindness. From club mates clubbing together to get me a set of club dice, people lending me models for tournaments, people making me tokens and lending me templates and many kind words - I have had a really positive endorsement of the people involved in this hobby.

On top of this I recently received an incredibly generous gift from a party who wishes to remain anonymous but suffice to say this gift took me completely by surprise and I am very grateful.

In addition to this I also was contacted by a gentleman from America, who had read my blog and decided he wanted to paint up a replacement eBaldur model for me in the 'Baldur the White' style I had blogged about previously. The model arrived today and it is great! I have attached a pic below and I will be looking forward to basing the model and getting it on the tabletop.

Unfortunately any emails I send to the chap are bouncing back and his blog now seems to be offline so I have been unable to thank him. (Id like to paint up a model in return). If he is reading this could he drop me an email so I can get back in touch?

Many thanks to all of you.


  1. You're welcome bud, just gutted it happened to you in the first place.

    Gives me faith however, to know that there are some terrific people out there in the community to counterbalance the indignaty of the a$$holes who burgled you!

  2. I know the person who painted the eBaldur - you can reach him at helpgeek63 @ yahoo. com