Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Circle Army Stolen

Hi all,

This is an appeal for readers of this blog (and mainly friends from the club) to keep their eyes open for my Circle Orboros army which I had stolen from my house in Hull, East Yorkshire during a burglary on monday night (7th May 2012). It was taken along with a laptop, wallets and my car.

It is most likely that the burglars will throw the models away as it is likely they didn't know what was in the case but if they should surface in any of the second hand model shops or a fellow druid sees these available to buy second hand - Id be so grateful if you could contact me. Id love the chance to recover or buy this army back as I have sunk 100s of hours into painting it and it has been my passion for the last year since I got into WM/H.

The details of what are stolen are below along with some pictures of some of the models.

Brand new KR Multicase KR Transport Bag (Black)
-  Containing 2 Cardboard KR Multicases with Blue Foam Trays

KR Multicase Accessory Case (Black)
- Containing
Circle Orboros Faction Dice, Measuring Sticks, Printed out tokens etc.
Custom made 'Hull Warmachine' Dice

Circle Orboros Deck
Hordes Rulebook Softback

Kromac the Ravenous - both forms
Kaya the Wildborne
Krueger the Stormlord
Baldur the Stonesoul
Baldur the Stonecleaver
Morvahna the Autumnblade

Gnarlhorne Satyr
Warpwolf Stalker
Warpwold Stalker
Wold Guardian
Classic Pureblood Warpwolf
Woldwyrd (converted to be swimming)

Druids x 6
Tharn Ravagers x 4
Tharn Ravagers x 4
Tharn Ravager Cheiftain
Tharn Ravager White Mane
10 x Tharn Blood Trackers
Nuala the Huntress
6 Stoneward & Wold Stalkers
6 Stoneward & Wold Stalkers
4 Sentry Stone & Mannikins
Lord of the Feast
War Wolf
Black Clad Wayfarer
Druid Overseer


  1. Christ, sorry to hear about this mate. I'll definitely keep my eyes and ears open for you. Speaking of your possessions, I still have your hot lead dvd decorating my desk. I'll drop it off at the club with either Alan or John for you if you like seeing as I never see you any more.

  2. Damn, thats rough. sorry to hear it bud.

    I'll let you have 5 of my dice for starters.

    I'm going to post this on my blog in the hope that word spreads.

    Try posting links where ever you can and I'll do the same

  3. Luke,

    This has got to be the worst news ever. That was a Sick army m8, and to lose it because some sick T**t just makes me pi**ed off (god knows how you feel about it). I hope that you get it back I really do, I will keep an eye out but as I'm south of the Humber I dont think it will turn up over here. However I will keep my eyes peeled and if I see anything looking even familiar looking I will let you know m8.
    Hope you and your family are doing ok, never nice when you get burgled.


  4. Thanks guys, Im pretty gutted about it to be honest.

    Shane - Thanks Shane, yeah if you could drop the DVD in that would be great - Im sure we'll bump into each other eventually though.

    Drax - Thanks for the help. I was thinking that I may ask if people would mind donating back a dice each so I can have a set as they where something I was very proud of.

    Skaltar - Thanks for the sympathy - keeping your eyes open would be great - I think its most likely they'll just chuck them in the bin when they realised what was in the case but you never know. Family is fine although obviously a bit shaken.

  5. I'm in the US but I'll post something up on my blog and hopefully I can spread the word as best as I can. No one should have to go through something like this but especially not with such a beautifully painted army.

    I recommend watching eBay in case it pops up there. Hopefully you'll find it again!

  6. Ditto my sentiments on the theft too Luke, I think that it has to be every war gamers worst nightmare and such a shame it happened to such a nice fella.

    I've linked your post to my blog too so that might widen the net, lets hope they make their way back to their rightful owner.


  7. Gosh, I feel terrible. I hope it turns up soon - in perfect shape.


  8. Word spread - sorry to hear bud.


  9. Hello,

    I'm from a corner across the big pond and extend my best wishes on the recovery of your miniatures.

    I'll be in the corner looking at ebay... ;)


  10. Good morning

    Are there any updates? Were the police able to find anything?


    1. Police found the car two weeks after burglary. It had been torched so if miniatures were left inside there is nothing left of them. Not managed to find anything else.

      At this stage I cannot rule out the possibility that the thieves were menites who had faced one warpwolf too many.

  11. Oh man - that's wrong on too many levels. Well, I have an offer for you. I picked up eBaludr and (almost) copied your paint scheme. My greens aren't as vibrant, but it's close. BTW - he looks better in person - my photo skills stink! If you want him, send me your address and he's yours.

    I can't afford to replace what the thieves have taken, however, maybe this will be enough to get your army started again!

  12. Oh, and he's not based so you can base him any way you want.