Saturday, 7 April 2012

Baldur the White

After reading the story of Baldurs return to the world in the domination book I was instantly struck with the similarity to the return of Gandalf the white in the Lord of the Rings. I decided that I would like to paint up eBaldur with a white colour scheme. This would give me the chance to see if I can use the techniques I have been using a lot recently to paint green robes to paint effective white robes.  I used to really struggle to paint white robes in my black templars army (my first army) and it was partly this that made me want to try again.

The base looks a little weird in pictures due to the angle of the log - this looks quite good in person when you can turn the model around etc. I really wanted to give him an 'epic' base as the new epic casters do not have the same board presence as the old ones which came with pre-supplied 'epic' bases.

Now I have pBaldur and eBaldur painted perhaps I need to get some wolds painted up....

Heres a work in progress Megalith (as you cant really have Balder without his favourite pile of wold rocks).

P.S. Now we know why they call him 'Balder'.


  1. Looking Good!
    Quite keen to face off against the Baldur Shrimp list. Not played it yet and have seen it gets some tourny play.

  2. Yeah, as Dave said looking good fella! Your bases really add to the Circle theme; shame PP don't do 'epic' bases any more, but your eBaldur one certainly looks the business.

  3. Nice, this is the 1st eBaldur pic where I don't find it's baldness disturbing. The white hair probably has something to do with it. It makes him look like a wise man (Gandalf ?) rather than some bald crazy monk.