Monday, 5 September 2011

Warpwolf Stalker

I managed to get my Warpwolf Stalker painted in time for the York Inter Club Challenge this weekend (more on that topic later).

I think he's looking pretty good and I got to use some of the larger basing clumps on his base as there was plenty of room. Im trying to be a little less subtle with my shading as I am finding that when I take the models down to the club and out of the natural light that I paint in that it can be hard to spot that I have done any shading at all.

The skin is painted with the Reaper Dark Elf Skin Triad and the golds are a mixture of  Reaper Antique gold, New Gold and Devlun Mood. The sword I painted using darker shades of the Reaper Metalics range which I found helped me to create contrast between both halves of the blade. In the past I have used the brighter metals and found them too close to each other.

I also marked the bases with white lines for now but I intend to do something a bit more interesting on these when I have more time.

All feedback welcome.


  1. It looks absolutely fantastic mate and even better in the flesh (well fur)!

    I've been watching that "Hot Lead" DVD you leant me..... and I can see how the Reaper paints used in that/what you are using are really really good. I think I might have to invest in some myself. Great work mate keep it up!

  2. looking good bud! you'll be needing a new faction soon enough!

  3. beautiful mini mate!

    You have the hot lead dvds? I'm sure you just rob my mental shopping list :(

  4. Thanks guys.

    You are welcome to borrow mine at some point Shane - rather that than you rob my house to get back what I robbed from your mental shopping list.

  5. is mental possession now 9/10ths of tha law because if it is, can i please have my painted Circle army back Luke?

  6. lol,

    thats a very nicely painted mini Luke, very nice indeed.

  7. Drax - mental possession only works if your as mental as Shane - a feat that few of us can accomplish.