Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sentry Stone Mannikins

I have put together some Mannikins for my circle army - the sentry stone is not yet finished so I have not taken any pictures of that but I thought Id best take some pictures of the mannikins as Im not sure how well they are going to hold up to going in my army case!

I decided to round out my list for this weekends Hull VS York Team Challenge with the unit as I don't know how much terrain to expect on the boards at York and these little fellows have the ability to change into small clumps of forrest.

My plan for the weekend is to hide in these small forests until the York team go away - at which point I will be able to steal some control points!

Well it might work...


  1. Looking nice, not so sure that hiding behind your own units woody exterior until the enemy get bored and leave is the best plan though =P

  2. surely you mean 'the enemy get bored and *leaf*'?


    Yeah, this is a worthwhile comment!

  3. Sneaky tree huggin' tactics - love it ;-)

    Some seriously great stuff here Luke!