Monday, 1 August 2011

Kromac The Ravenous

In which, a new faction is started and the Great Devourer Wurm claims a newly painted warlock.

I have recently decide to start a force for Hordes. As Hordes is a game that is twinned with Warmachine I have often found myself facing Hordes with my Cygnar army and whilst I have a good idea how the alternative system works, I felt that until I played with a Hordes force I likely wouldnt get a good feel for it.

With this in mind I selected 'Circle of Orboros' as my faction, as I was very tempted by them in the first place. The other really tempting faction was Trollbloods but Hull Warmachine is well represented in that department (Drax and co.) and more importantly because Trolls are blue much like my Cygnar. I need a break from painting blue.

So faction selected I managed to procure a cheap Kromac the Ravenous model(s - its complicated) from eBay.

This weekend I managed to finish painting his human form (he turns into a big angry were-wolf man when he gets mad - this requires a second slightly bigger and entirely more angry looking model).

I have tried a number of techniques on this model, I was happy with my ability to paint green robes after my recent jaunt into the world of 54mm, so I went for the same colours for Kromacs robes. These look a fair bit brighter in person.

After seeing Andy McBirnie's Cryx (winners of the painting competition at the recent tournament I ran) I  decided that I needed to have a bright colour on the models to give them an instant impact from a distance. I decided to try and achieve this by going for vivid red hair. I was pleased with the way this came out - it looks slightly brighter in the flesh than in the pictures below.

I used a base coat of Reaper Ruddy Leather and then worked  highlights up with Magma Red, Lava Orange and Explosion Orange (the names may have got slightly muddled - but it was the volcano triad anyway).

Painting flesh is always something I have struggled with, my Cygnar are improving thanks largely to the instructions given to my by the inestimably talented Jim Bowen. In order to give Kromac a more rugged manly outdoors feel (unlike my gun mages who look like they sit in darkened bedrooms all day playing with their pistols....) I went for the tanned flesh triad by Reaper Paints over a brown base and using brown washes.

I still think I can improve on this but it is definitely a few steps better than I was a couple of months back which is pleasing.

After receiving inspiration from Mart's Basing blog, I decided I needed to acquire some more basing materials. I read several articles online and came across a company called Silflor who produce a staggering range of basing tufts, clumps and sprinkles at a very high quality for a competitive price. I found a UK distributor and ordered a big box. I wanted to try a few of these on the base, whilst the Circle Orboros and the Tharn in-particular are a slaughtering horde of butchers - there is still very much a tree-hugging flower-power vibe to them so I wanted to make sure I worked in lots of plants.

In order to do this without obscuring all of the paint work I used cork to create a rock platform for him to stand on and survey the battle. (thanks again for the tip Mart).


So, enough of my waffle - heres some pictures:


  1. Looking good, the flesh came out really nice, wish I could pull flesh of like that, rather than splotchy looking pink goo.
    Grats dude. =]

  2. Very nice model m8, well done

  3. lovely job bud, very nice!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Decided to go back in and brighten up his leather trousers and armour. It looked quite good but the golden studs have made them look very dark now.

  5. Thought I'd already posted a comment on here, so apology for my tardiness (embarrassed look), but better late than never! Suffice to say it looks fantastic in the flesh too, you've done a grand job, I like the hair, flesh and bone paint work, these are all things I find difficult and you've made them look easy!